Coralife 6700K Daylight T5 Fluorescent Lamp

Size: 36" Bulb - 21 Watt
Sale price$23.49


Coralife 6,700K Daylight T5 Fluorescent Lamps use trichromatic (three color) phosphors to cast a natural white glow in the aquarium. This replicates the appearance of natural sunlight and is ideal for supporting the growth of live aquatic plants. These universal bulbs are ideal for freshwater aquariums and fit all compatible electronic ballasts.

  • Trichromatic phosphors cast a natural white glow
  • 6,700K lamps provide the appearance of natural sunlight desirable for plant growth
  • Fits all compatible electronic ballasts

Energy efficient T5 bulbs provide equal or greater light output compared to standard T8 aquarium lamps. The wavelength of natural sunlight is crucial for promoting the continued growth and health of your aquarium plants. These 6700k lamps can be used with a Coralife ColorMax lamp to provide desired lighting in your aquarium.

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