Blue Iguana Reptilite Calcium Substrate for Reptiles - Smokey Sands

Size: 40 lbs - (4 x 10 lb Bags)
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Blue Iguana Reptilite Calcium Substrate is ideal for true chameleons and any desert-dwelling snake, lizard, tortoise, insect or arachnid. The product of decades of experience and research, this eco-friendly, low impact substrate consists of naturally smooth, spherical aragonite grains that won't cause scratching on your animals' skin or insides.

  • Ideal for desert-dwelling reptiles and arachnids
  • Unique round grains won't scratch reptiles - inside or out
  • Easier to digest with more nutritionally available calcium
  • Small grain size and rounded shape for less chance of impaction

Reptilite is exceptionally clean and dust free, with no mess or inhalation danger. It consists of over 99% pure calcium carbonate in the form of aragonite sand, the most soluble form of calcium carbonate available. It also contains naturally occurring trace elements including magnesium and strontium, which research suggests may enhance bone density. Reptilite is completely free of silica and phosphates.

Though not intended as a food source, Reptilite is 100% edible and easy to digest, and contains no artificial dyes or chemicals. Reptilite has become the trusted substrate of hobbyists and professionals worldwide by holding every bag to the very highest standard.

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