Beckett Foutain Pump

Size: M130AUL 130 GPH
Sale price$30.33


This Beckett Fountain and Statuary Water Pump is ideal for small water features and piped statues. Its low profile, submersible design, and quiet operation make this pump a must for your tabletop and outdoor fountains, aquariums, statuary, or small water displays. Four suction cups on the base keep the unit secure in your aquarium or fountain, and the items plastic housing offers corrosion resistance. Adapters for tubing are included, and the outlet has a flow adjuster knob for added versatility. Alter the water output to your liking by simply twisting this knob. Add moving water to your favorite container garden or power a small fountain with this Fountain and Statuary Pump. The wet-rotor technology provides energy efficiency making the pump. A power cord is included. This pond pump is backed by a limited manufacturer warranty.

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