Beckett Bio Filter System with FR400 Pond Pump and Foutain Head

Size: 400 GPH
Sale price$154.34


This Beckett 5X biological pond filter is the perfect addition to your fountain, koi pond, small pond, waterscape, statuary, and other types of water displays. This filter comes with Becketts FR400 pump. The biological media balls help grow beneficial bacteria to naturally balance you water feature. Your water display will be healthy as ever with this filter helping keep your pond clean and making the water look crystal clear. The bio filter is easy to place into your pond and just as easy to remove for cleaning. The filter is especially great for reducing clogged fountain nozzles. With multiple nozzles and adapters, this system allows you to choose what works best for you water display. Keep your water display clear, healthy, and a beautiful look with the help of this filter.

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