Beafeaters Munchy Bones - Bacon Flavor

Size: 2 count
Sale price$2.70


Beefeaters Munchy Bones feature real bacon and are high in protein and low in fat. Let these munchy bones satisfy your furry friends natural urge to chew.

  • Bacon flavored
  • High protein, low in fat
  • Chewy bone

Ingredients: Rice Flour, Wheat Flour, Glycerin, Chicken Meat, Mandioca Flour, Liver Hydrolyzate, Cellulose, Bentonite, Guar Gum, Salt, Tryptophan, Titanium Dioxide, Curcuma, Rosemary Extract, Tocopherol, Citric Acid, Red N6/Punzo 4R, Bacon Flavoring.

Always supervise your dog when treating. Be sure to provide fresh, clean water. Do not give to a dog less than 5 lbs.

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