Aqueon Pro Betta Pellet

Size: 1.4 oz
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Aqueon Pro Betta Pellet Food is a nutritionally balanced formula for bettas that was developed around a bettas natural diet. The new Wellplex, a proprietary blend of macro and microalgae as well as Vitamin C and Vitamin E, supports the fishs immune system more holistically. Betta naturally lives in small puddles where resources are limited. The Aqueon PRO Betta formula was developed by expert fish nutritionists with quality protein and plant nutrients for long term wellness. The floating pellets encourage the natural surface feeding behavior of bettas. Inclusion of the Wellplex adds additional immune system support in addition to the probiotic ingredients throughout the formulation. The Aqueon PRO foods are high quality, formulated with ingredients designed by leading fish nutritionists, and focused on the natural diet of the fish.

  • Nutritionally balanced for Betta
  • Developed around a bettas natural diet
  • Contains color enhancers for vibrancy
  • Pellets float to allow for surface feeding
  • Ideal for Betta, Gouramis and Paradise Fish

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