Aqueon OptiBright LED Aquarium Light Fixture

Size: 12"-18" Fixture
Sale price$60.78


Aqueon OptiBright LED Aquarium Light Fixtures feature built-in white, blue, and red LEDs to provide optimal lighting for freshwater or marine aquariums and low to medium light-loving corals, with independent touch controls and moon glow accents for nighttime viewing.

  • White, red and blue LEDs provide brightness and vibrant coloration
  • Blue moon glow accents provide excellent nighttime viewing
  • Slim, low profile design with adjustable mounting legs

White LEDs provide bright, brilliant light to make your water sparkle, while blue and red LEDs enhance the natural colors of your fish, plants, and coral. Independently controlled blue moon glow accent lights allow nighttime viewing. Touch controls are waterproof and timer compatible. Each fixture features adjustable mounting legs to accommodate multiple aquarium lengths.

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