Aqueon Omnivore Shrimp Food

Size: 1.65 oz
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Aqueon Omnivore Shrimp Discs are a protein based food ideal for shrimp in the Genus Caridina, such as Crystal and Bee Shrimp. The higher protein levels are also beneficial for shrimp carrying eggs, commonly known as “berried”. Formulated with no fish meal to mimic a more natural diet and boosted with Bentonite Clay for exoskeletal development. The Herbivore Shrimp Discs are a plant-based food, ideal for shrimp in the Genus Neocaridina, such as Cherry and Blueberry Shrimp.

  • Ideal for shrimp in Genus Caridina, such as Crystal and Bumble Bee Shrimp
  • Contains Bentonite Clay to aid with molting and strong shell production
  • Mimics Natural Diet
  • Enhances Color
  • No Fish Meal

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