Aqueon Monster Fish Medley Food

Size: 3.5 oz
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Aqueon Monster Fish Medley Food is quick and convenient daily nutrition in a resealable pouch. The Monster Fish Medley contains premium ingredients that provide the essentials for proper growth and vitality. Natural river shrimp and mealworms are high in protein and attract fish while floating at the surface. Ideal for catfish, arowana, oscars and other large cichlids, this food can also be broken apart to feed smaller fish. This formula can be fed alone or as a supplement to other foods.

  • Main ingredients are dehydrated river shrimp and mealworms
  • Floats at the surface for easy feeding
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Break into pieces for smaller fish
  • Will not cloud water when fed as directed

Feed in amounts that fish will consume in under 2 minutes

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