Aqueon Mini Cube LED Aquarium Kit - Black

Size: 1.6 gallon
Sale price$34.09


The Aqueon MiniCube 1.6 LED Desktop Aquarium Kit is a great starter kit for all ages. Its contoured design gives it a contemporary look, while being small enough to place in any office or bedroom. This aquarium is ideal for a single betta or a few small tropical fish. It includes LED lighting, an elevated base, internal filtration with cartridge, food and water conditioner and easy to follow setup guide. Uses Aqueon QuietFlow Extra Small Replacement Filter Cartridge.

  • Ideal for a single betta or small tropical fish
  • Contoured hood with feeding hole
  • Low voltage internal filter
  • Great starter kit

Kit Includes:

  • Size 1.6 plastic aquarium
  • Internal filter
  • Filter cartridge
  • Tropical Flakes sample
  • Water Conditioner sample
  • Set-up Guide

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