Aqueon Betta Bowl Starter Kit - Black

Size: .5 Gallon
Sale price$10.55


The Aqueon Betta Bowl Starter Aquarium Kit is a perfect first aquarium! This compact, easy-to-use aquarium takes up minimal space and features a convenient feeding door, as well as a decorative plant and gravel to get you started. Just add water (and a fish)!

  • Space-saving aquarium starter kit
  • Convenient, easy-open feeding door on lid
  • Includes with decor and a betta divider

The Betta Bowl makes an ideal desktop aquarium kit, and its perfect for fish fans of all ages!

Kit Includes: ½ Gallon Aquarium, Aquarium Lid with Feeding Door, Aqueon Betta Food Sample, Aqueon Betta Bowl Plus Sample, Betta Divider (for 2 betta in 1 aquarium), Decorative Plant and Gravel.

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