Aqueon Aquarium Plant Food

Size: 16 oz
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Aqueon Aquarium Plant Food provides essential macro and micro nutrients for lush freshwater plant growth. Also contains kelp extract, a source of cytokinin, to encourage strong root development.Within enclosed aquarium systems, essential nutrients tend to deplete rapidly. This food replaces lost micro and macro nutrients to encourage new growth and help plants flourish.

  • Nutrients for freshwater plants
  • Contains kelp extract and encourages root development
  • Dosage can be adjusted depending on the amount of plants and the desired growth rate
  • Brings out vibrant new growth in your aquarium
  • Made in the USA

Instructions: Shake well before using. Add 10mL (2tsp) for every 10 gallons of water once per week. Dosage may need to be adjusted depending on the amount of plants and the desired growth rate. It is beneficial to provide multiple smaller dosages throughout the week.

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