Aquatop Replacement Carbon Cartridge Insert for Submersible UV Filter

Size: 2 Pack - (Fits SP9-UV & SP13-UV)
Sale price$12.99


Aquatop Carbon Cartridge Replacement Inserts are made of strong poly-fiber material and filled with Aquatop premium activated carbon to collect and remove organic debris in your aquarium. They are extremely easy to install, remove and clean, and help keep water crystal clear and odor-free.

  • Strong poly-fiber activated carbon cartridge inserts
  • Collects organic debris to help keep aquarium water clear and odor-free
  • Extremely easy to use and install

These carbon filter cartridges are designed to fit Aquatop Submersible UV Aquarium Filters SP9-UV and SP13-UV

Note: Aquatop recommends replacing the Filter Insert filled with Activated Carbon every 4-6 weeks. Aquariums with heavier livestock loads may require more frequent replacement.

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