Aquatop Light Green Bushy Aquarium Plant

Size: 26" High w/ Weighted Base
Sale price$45.99


Transform your fish tank into a beautiful underwater garden! Aquatop aquarium plants are the best of both worlds: unlike live plants they require no maintenance, but their extraordinary colors and textures look just as great as the real thing.

  • Naturalistic colors and textures replicate exotic aquatic plant life
  • Provides perfect hiding place for aquarium fish
  • Made from fish-safe plastic, suitable for salt or freshwater tanks

Mix and match whichever plants catch your eye to create the ultimate aquascape!

Fish love to hide and explore, and many species actively search out suitable nesting places in their environments. Naturalistic plants are the perfect solution, while making your aquarium even more beautiful at the same time. Browse through our huge collection of aquatic flora and create any underwater environment you can imagine!

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