Aquatic Creations Glowing Jellyfish Aquarium Ornament - Pink

Size: 1 Pack
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Aquatic Creations Jellyfish Ornaments add a new level of realism to your aquarium decor. The jellyfish features a suction cup tether which allows the silicone body to float naturally in the current. Vibrant fluorescent colors glow under blue or blacklights to create a stunning effect!

  • Realistic floating action ornament
  • Safe for marine or freshwater aquariums
  • Fluorescent color glows under blue or blacklight

These aquarium ornaments are made from safe, environmentally-friendly silicone. Suction cups may be used to attach jellyfish to the aquarium base, walls, or any glass surface; simply roll up the clear string to your desired length. No batteries required.

Directions: Keep 1/3 air inside Jellyfish body for floating.

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