Aquaclear Ammonia Remover Filter Insert

Size: For Aquaclear 20 Power Filter
Sale price$3.20


AquaClear Ammonia Remover Filter Inserts are natural ammonia removing filter media. Ammonia Remover is effective in freshwater aquariums for the control and removal of ammonia.

  • Removes and controls harmful ammonia
  • Ideal for new to heavily populated aquariums
  • Alternate chemical stage

The use of AquaClear Ammonia Remover is strongly recommended on a consistent basis for the control of potential ammonia surges and/or when biological conversion of toxic ammonia is compromised or impossible. For freshwater use only. Choose the size that fits your AquaClear filter.

20 Gallon: 5-20 gallon aquariums
30 Gallon: 10-30 gallon aquariums
50 Gallon: 20-50 gallon aquariums
70 Gallon: 40-70 gallon aquariums
110 Gallon: 60-110 gallon aquariums

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