API Pond Master Test Kit

Size: 1 Kit
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The API Pond Master Test Kit is a complete kit for testing tap water and pond water. This fast, easy, and accurate kit measures pH, ammonia, nitrite, and phosphate levels with scientific precision, allowing you to correctly assess and address any water issues before they become a problem.

  • Fast, easy and accurate pond water testing
  • Measures pH, ammonia, nitrite and phosphate
  • Scientifically accurate for professional results

Testing your pond water regularly is the best way to protect your fish and plants from harm from poor water conditions. This kit tests the four most important components of water health, with simple, step-by-step instructions to make testing easy. Reagent testing is more comprehensive, accurate and reliable than test strips, and only takes seconds longer to do. The Pond Master Test Kit provides over 500 tests and is good for 6 months on the shelf.

Includes: 6 bottles of liquid reagent, computer-calibrated, laminated color cards, 4 glass test tubes with snap-tight caps, holding tray, complete instruction booklet with information on how to correct unsafe water.

Note: Formerly known as the Pondcare Pond Master Test Kit.

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