API Ammo Lock Ammonia Detoxifier for Aquariums

Size: 4 oz (Treats 236 Gallons)
Sale price$6.59


API Ammo Lock works instantly to detoxify ammonia produced by fish waste, and remove chlorine and chloramine from tap water, while eliminating ammonia stress and protecting healthy gill function.

  • Scientifically proven to protect fish cells against ammonia
  • Detoxifies ammonia in aquariums and Works Instantly
  • Safe for all fish, invertebrates and plants and it can be used with medications

Ammo Lock does not remove ammonia, it simply converts it to a non-toxic form. The neutral solution will not change water pH. The biological filter will then consume the non-toxic ammonia, converting it to nitrite then to nitrate. Each bottle treats 240 gallons of fresh or salt water.

4 oz treats 236 gallons
8 oz treats 474 gallons
16 oz treats 946 gallons

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