API 14 Day Vacation Pyramid Fish Feeder

Size: Feeds up to 15-20 fish in a 10 gallon tank for 7 to 8 days
Sale price$3.48


API 14-Day Pyramid Fish Feeder automatically feeds your fish when you're on vacation. Feeds 5-10 (average length 2") fish up to 14 days. Within a few hours, nourishing food pellets are released into the aquarium. Great vacation fish feeder for all aquarium fish including goldfish, fresheater and saltwater fish.

  • Worry-free fish feeder for up to 14 days
  • Releases nourishing food pellets within hours
  • Formulated with natural ingredients, eco-friendly fish protein and fish meal free

Tips: For best results, place the pyramid away from the filter outlet. Do not use in a fish bowl or a non-filtered aquarium. Remove any residual food when you return from vacation.

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