Activ-Betta Bio-Activ Live Aqueous Solution

Size: 1 Liter
Sale price$7.54


Activ-Betta Bio-Activ Live Aqueous Solution instantly conditions aquarium water to create a suitable aquatic habitat for betta and other freshwater fish. This living solution is rich in denitrifying bacteria and trace elements to establish a completely balanced environment.

  • 100% natural live aqueous solution for freshwater fish
  • Contains live denitrifying bacteria and beneficial trace elements
  • No waiting - just add fish!

Activ-Betta Bio-Activ Solution contains no chlorine or chloramines. It provides an instant "water change" and instant cycling of your aquarium or betta fish bowl.

Tip: Use with Bio-Activ Live Gravel to provide a complete, balanced, readied environment for your betta.

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