ZuPreem Pure Fun Enriching Variety Seed for Large Birds

Size: 2 lbs
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Premium Nutritional Products presents ZuPreem Pure Fun, a high-quality blend of nuts, fruits, vegetables and ZuPreem Smart Pellets to excite and enrich pet birds. The product line provides both pure and fun nutrition. With pure, there are fewer and simpler ingredients, minimal fines and the right-size food to minimize waste. The fun part means it is engaging for birds to play with and it instinctively creates an interactive activity during the day.

  • PREMIUM, POWERFUL BLEND of fruit, Natural FruitBlend Pellets, vegetables and nuts to help excite and enrich your pet bird.
  • MADE SPECIFICALLY for Amazons, Macaws and Cockatoos. This blend includes a delicious mix of right-sized pieces for your bird which helps minimize wasted food.
  • Feed Pure Fun to help satisfy your birds playful and fun-loving instincts and help create an interactive activity with each feeding.
  • ADDS ENRICHING VARIETY to your birds weekly food program and may be fed up to 30 percent of the total food your bird eats each week. Keep your bird active, engaged and happy.
  • CONVERT YOUR BIRD TO A HEALTHIER DIET. Converting your bird to a food that includes pellets is worth the effort for his/her health and wellbeing.

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