Zoo Med Turtletherm Automatic Preset Aquatic Turtle Heater

Size: 50 Watt (Up to 15 Gallons)
Sale price$19.49


The Zoo Med Turtletherm Automatic Preset Aquatic Turtle Heater is fully submersible and simple to use, with a preset thermostat that keeps your turtles habitat at a safe and comfortable 78°F. Mount it in seconds with included suction cups, plug it in, and you're done!

  • Preset thermostat keeps water safe and comfortable at 78°F
  • Fully submersible with digital temperature display and suction cup mounting
  • Keeps aquatic turtles healthy and happy
  • Helps prevent appetite loss due to cold water

The Turtletherm is great for Red Eared Sliders, African Sidenecks, Musk, Mud, Painted, Map, Diamondback Terrapin, and a variety of other aquatic turtles.

Note: Fully submerge heater in water before plugging heater into electrical outlet. Safety shut-off activated if removed from water.

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