Zoo Med Can O Shrimp High Protein Food for Aquarium Fish & Invertebrates

Size: 1.2 oz
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Zoo Med labs food aquatic Can O Shrimp is delicious and healthy food for your aquatic turtle. The food is made of just one ingredient and that is freshwater river shrimp. Shrimps are cooked in a can along with flavor. Easy to digest, this turtle food makes good natural food. Shrimps used in the food are high in protein and also loved by amphibians and aquarium fishes.

  • Natural turtle food made of freshwater shrimps
  • Easy to digest for your aquatic turtles
  • Rich-in protein
  • Loved by aquatic turtles, amphibians and fishes

Zoo Med is one of the most reputable companies in the reptile business. They make a wide range of reptile accessories and treats.

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