Zoo Med Betta Tools Aquarium Cleaning Set

Size: 1 count
Sale price$7.95


Maintaining a clean environment is essential for the health of any fish or an aquatic animal. Zoo Meds Betta Tools Aquarium Cleaning Set contains components that were hand-picked to make cleaning your Bettas tank a breeze!

  • Use the fishnet to scoop out any large debris, or if your tank needs an overhaul, you can remove your fish and place it in a temporary container while you work
  • The plant fork is perfect for planting live, or faux-flora, and adjusting other habitat decor
  • The sponge is excellent for removing algae or grime from glass and other smooth surfaces in the tank
  • Polish it all off with the microfiber cloth to remove water spots and dust from the outside of your tank, and clean up and drips on your counter, desk, table, or floor
  • Designed for bettas specifically

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