Van Ness PureNess Sifting Cat Pan Liners

Size: Extra Giant (SL7) - 10 Pack
Sale price$8.58


Van Ness PureNess Extra Giant Sifting Cat Pan Liners make it easy to keep your cats litter clean and your home odor-free. Made from 100% recycled plastic with 3-ply, no-tear technology, these liners automatically sift out unused litter when lifted, so you only throw away the waste!

  • Liners automatically sift out unused litter when lifted
  • Saves time and money while keeping litter pan ready for use
  • Durable 3-ply, no-tear technology

Sifting unused litter out lets you dispose of waste without sacrificing litter thats still perfectly fine for use, resulting in more efficient litter usage and less money spent on new litter. Each pack of liners includes a rubber band to keep liners securely in place in the litter pan.

Made in the USA.

Sizing: Extra-giant sifting liners fit pans up to 22" x 18", including the following Van Ness litter pan models: CP2, CP2HS, CP3, CP4, CP6 and CP7.

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