Tetra TetraTec Repair Kit - Model DW 96-2

Size: Repair Kit - For Whisper 300 Air Pump (Formerly DW 96-2)
Sale price$14.15


This kit includes genuine Tetra replacement parts for the TetraTec Deep Water Aquarium Air Pump (DW 96-2). These parts are also compatible with the Supra 4 Air Pump.

  • Genuine Tetra replacement parts
  • All replacement parts for Deep Water Air Pump
  • Compatible with Supra 4 Air Pump

Repair Kit Includes: 1 Air Filter, Repair Kit Wrench, 4 Diaphragm Assemblies (with screws, washers and nuts), 4 Rubber Armature Hinges, 4 Rubber Washers, 8 Rubber Retaining Plugs, 8 Silaflex II Valve Flappers.

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