Tetra Pond Clear Choice Bio Filter PF1

Size: Ponds up to 1200 Gallons - For Pumps up to 550 GPH
Sale price$92.25


Maintain a healthy and clear pond with TetraPond Clearchoice Biofilters. Ornamental fish can overload a pond ecosystem with ammonia and other pollutants. Venturi inlet aerates water and thus enhances bio-activity.

  • Efficiently removes harmful pollutants for a healhy clean pond
  • Easy Out-of-Pond accessibility, installation and maintenance
  • Intake / Output - 3/4" - 1" (Interchangeable 3/4", 1" intake fittings) and 1.25" drain fitting
  • Dimensions: 15.25"W x 12.5"H
  • 500 GPH (Ponds up to 1,200 Gallons)

The ClearChoice external pond filter biofiltration removes these contaminants and ammonia using its advanced Trickle Flow and Bio Ring technologies. Mechanical pre-filter sponges-remove suspended debris to improve water clarity. Bio Ring media provide massive surface areas for beneficial aerobic bacteria to adhere to and multiply. Aerobic bacteria eat the ammonia toxins created by fish waste and decomposing plant materials. TetraPond internal spray systems and Trickle Flow technology disperses pond water slowly and evenly through the Bio Rings ensuring that there is sufficient oxygen to provide optimal biofiltration conditions.

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