Seachem Flourish Epoxy Grey

Size: 4 oz
Sale price$9.38


Struggling with your aquatic hardscape designs Well, Seachem has a solution for you! Flourish Epoxy is a powerful epoxy adhesive that helps safely and securely create planted aquarium hardscape designs out of materials such as rocks and driftwood. Simply balancing large piles of rocks in the aquarium can result in these structures collapsing and damaging your aquarium or worse, harming your fish. Instead of leaving it up to chance, use Flourish Epoxy to secure your hardscapes. For added benefit, the solution is incredibly fast-acting, with a working time of only 5 minutes and will fully cure both submerged or emerged within 24 hours! Completely safe for even the most sensitive aquarium inhabitants.

  • Powerful epoxy adhesive
  • Ideal for planted tank hardscapes
  • Safely secures rocks and driftwood
  • Fully cures within 24 hours
  • Safe for all aquarium inhabitants

The epoxy is gray in color and comes in a 4 oz tube

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