Seachem Acid Buffer

Size: 300 Grams (10.6 oz)
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Seachem Acid Buffer is a non-phosphate buffer to lower pH and buffer with Alkaline Buffer. Both buffers are designed for the planted aquarium or for very hard water where phosphate buffers may pose an algae or cloudiness problem.

  • Lowers aquarium pH and buffers from 6.0 to 8.0
  • Converts alkalinity into CO2
  • For the planted aquarium or very hard water

Seachem Acid Buffer lowers pH and buffers between 5.0 and 8.0 when used with Alkaline Buffer. As Acid Buffer lowers pH it converts carbonate alkalinity (KH) into available CO2. It may also be used to safely lower pH in marine water.

Directions: To lower pH, use 1/4 teaspoon (2g) for every 80 L (20 US gallons) daily until desired pH is reached (this dose lowers alkalinity by about 0.2 meq/L (0.6 dKH)). Larger doses may be required in very hard (KH) or alkaline waters.

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