Pondmaster Cleargaurd 18W Conversion Kit

Size: 1 count
Sale price$140.95


The Pondmaster Clearguard UV Clarifier Kit adds the benefit of an ultraviolet clarifier to your existing Pondmaster Clearguard Pressurized Pond Filter. UV Clarifiers help control green water and enhance the cleaning action of any Clearguard Pond Filter (maximum of 2 UV Clarifiers can be placed in any Clearguard unit).

  • High-Quality Quartz Sleeve
  • Enhance the cleaning action of your Clearguard filter!
  • Complete and ready to install
  • Safe for fish and plants.
  • Fits Clearguard Models 5500, 8000, & 16000

Note: A maximum of 2 UV Clarifiers can be placed in any Clearguard unit.

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