PondCare Chlorine & Heavy Metal Neutralizer

Size: 16 oz (Treats 9600 Gallons)
Sale price$14.98


API Pond Chlorine and Heavy Metal Neutralizer instantly neutralizes chlorine, copper, lead and zinc, as well as other heavy metals found in tap and well water, all of which may be toxic to fish and plants.

  • Dechlorinator removes chlorine and detoxifies heavy metals
  • Instantly prepares tap water for plants and fish
  • Recommended for pond setup or water change

Recommended for use when setting up a pond, changing water or whenever rain runoff has added water to the pond. Quickly neutralizes chlorine, copper, lead and zinc found in tap water and heavy metals caused by soil leaching and acid rain. 16 oz treats up to 9,600 gallons. 32 oz treats up to 19,200 gallons.

Note: Formerly sold as Pondcare Chlorine and Heavy Metal Neutralizer.

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