Penn Plax Smallworld Air Pump & Water Filter Kit

Size: Air Pump & Filter Kit
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Penn Plax Small World Air Pump & Water Filter Kit is specifically designed for aquariums and tanks up to 5 gallons. In addition to our Small World, New World, and Betta World habitats, this kit is compatible with other tanks in the market. It fits all shapes and sizes and also mounts securely to glass, acrylic, and plastic surfaces.

  • Helps keep your small aquarium healthy and looking beautiful
  • Specifically designed for small aquariums up to 5 gallons
  • Includes air pump, filter, mounting bracket & tubing
  • Clears discoloration and removes harmful contaminants & odors
  • High quality carbon/zeolite cartridge for chemical filtration and a foam block filter for mechanical & biological filtration

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