Penn Plax Glow Pods Aqua PlantSmall

Size: 1 count
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The Penn Plax Glow Pod Aqua Plant is a fantastic addition to any aquarium. This plastic plant glows in the dark! It will beautify your aquarium day and night. During the day, the pretty pastel colors will stand out and add depth while still looking natural. At night time, this aquarium plant will add a fun focal point to your tank. This plastic plant also offers a hiding place for your fish when they need a place to relax. The base is weighted and boasts a natural black rock/gravel style to fit in with your aquarium decor, as well as to stay securely in place.

  • Glows in the dark
  • Adds beauty to your aquarium day and night
  • Gives your fish a place to hide for a little stress relief
  • Naturalistic design
  • Weighted rock style base helps keep your plant securely in place

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