Penn Plax Eco-Sphere Bowl with Plant-Grow LED Light

Size: 1.1 gallon
Sale price$66.78


The Penn Plax Eco-Sphere Bowl with Plant-Grow LED Light is 1.1 gallon and can be used as a planter or fish tank. The Eco-Sphere bowl comes with a modern, waterproof bleached wood-tone base, and energy-efficient adjustable LED light. Perfect aquarium or garden terrarium for your home, office, or childrens bedroom.

  • 1.1 Gallon Bowl with Plant-Grow LED Light
  • 36 LED Lights - 8 Watts of bright spectral light for plant growth
  • LED Light Stand Adjusts 10"-17" High and includes On/Off Switch
  • Bleached Wood-Tone Base is 8" x 8"

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