Penn Plax Aqua-Nursery

Size: 5.25"L x 4"W x 4.5"H
Sale price$19.17


The Penn Plax Aqua Nursery is an automatic circulating hatchery. Once it is set up in place, theres nothing further to do until the fish are born and deposited into their seperate nursery section. The Nursery is adjustable using hangers to attach it to any aquarium rim.

  • Automatically and gently separates mother fish from fry
  • Nursery Tank may be lifted off platform and carried to a separate location
  • Safe and durable plastic construction

The Aqua Nursery also creates a constant circulation in both the maternity and the nursery sections. This eliminates the problems of stagnant water existing in most other breeding traps, and keeps the mother and the babies alive.

Note: The nursery requires a small aquarium air pump for proper circulation and is not included.

Set Up Instructions: Before starting to assemble Aqua-Nursery, please lay out all parts and compare the following steps with the drawing and photograph on the box. Once your nursery is assembled, place the pregnant female fish into Maternity Tank. Place Nursery Cover over Nursery Tank, and Maternity Cover over Maternity Tank. Slowly turn on the air power so that suction is created from Maternity Tank into Nursery Tank and bubbles rise in Nursery Tank unit.

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