Penn Plax 14 Day Feeding Blocks - Fish Shaped

Size: 2 Pack
Sale price$3.44


Penn Plaxs 14 Day Feeding Blocks are fish shaped. 2 blocks come per package. Let these vacation feeding blocks help you enjoy your vacation without worrying about your fish! These Pro Balance Vacation Fish Feeders will be fed everyday.

  • High quality pro-balance fish food
  • Each block feeds aquarium fish for up to 14 days
  • Contains tubifex, bloodworms, vitamins and minerals

These feeders release high quality tubifex, bloodworms, and other yummy nutritious food your fish will swim for! Even vitamins and minerals are in these healthy food blocks! Each block is good for 10-15 gallon tanks for up to 7 days (2 Blocks included for a total of 14 days).

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