Ocean Nutrition Formula ONE Marine Pellet - Small

Size: Small Pellets - 100 Grams
Sale price$7.31


Ocean Nutrition Formula One Marine Pellets unique packaging consists of nitrogen flushed foil bags for maximum freshness and will be placed in our super seal bottles with colorful new labels.

  • Super color-enhancing for tropical fish
  • Great for carnivorous and omnivorous marine tropicals
  • Contains garlic for increased palatability

This nitro-pack will maintain the soft and moist characteristics that are distinctive to Ocean Nutrition: fresh seafood, increased palatability, and easy digestion. In addition, the Formula One and Two Marine Pellets also contain garlic, to aid in disease resistance, and krill for color enhancing.

The distinguishing nitro-pack guarantees at least a one year of shelf freshness (2-3 months once nitro pak is opened), ensuring your fish get our finest, freshest product. Formula One is red and larger amounts of krill like our frozen and flake products, it is produced with higher protein levels

Protein: 41.1% min
Fat: 9.0% min
Fiber: 2.4% max
Moisture: 14.5% max

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