Nature Zone Mite Guard - Powder

Size: 2 oz - (56 Grams)
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Nature Zone Mite Guard Powder is an all natural, easy-to-use pesticide for reptile habitats that uses clove, rosemary, and thyme oils to safely kills mites for up to 3 weeks. This is the first minimum-risk pesticide for use in reptile terrariums and cages.

  • Natural reptile mite preventative
  • Kills mites for up to 3 weeks
  • All natural and safe for reptile habitats

Directions: Sprinkle Mite Guard lightly over floor of terrarium or cage before adding bedding or litter. Apply to wall joints, cracks, or crevasses where mites may hide. Do not allow children to apply. Do not use with baby reptiles or use in plastic tanks, shoeboxes, or sweater boxes. Read entire label before use and use strictly in accordance with label.

Active Ingredients:
Clove Oil - 1.50%
Rosemary Oil - 1.50%
Thyme Oil - 1.50%
Other Ingredients:
Bentonite, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate - 95.50%

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