Marina Red Ludwigia Plant

Size: 5" Tall
Sale price$2.32


Marina Aquascaper aquarium plants are completely lifelike and make it easy to turn your fish tank into a beautiful, realistic aquatic paradise! They undulate naturally with the current of the water - just like real plants - and provide excellent hiding places for your aquarium fish!

  • True to nature design undulates with currents
  • Beautiful, translucent colors will not fade
  • Completely safe for all aquarium occupants
  • Easy to install and wash

Unlike live plants, Marina Aquascaper decorative plants do not require frequent care or maintenance. Each plant is made of safe, non-toxic plastic that will not affect your waters chemistry. The natural color finish will not fade and is safe for all aquarium occupants. To install, simply bury the base of the plant in your aquarium gravel or substrate.

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