Marina EcoScaper Hydrocotyle Leucocephala Silk Plant

Size: 8"H - 1 count
Sale price$6.48


Marina Ecoscaper Silk Plants are true-to-life plants that naturally blend into aquariums to create remarkable and realistic-looking aquascapes. These silk plants have intricate color variations that closely mimic real plants. The supple plants are also designed to undulate in the current to create added realism. They make a great alternative to real plants, which require frequent care and maintenance. They are easy to install, simply bury the base of the plant in the aquarium gravel. Made of safe, non-toxic silk material, they will not affect your aquariums water chemistry. The natural color finish will not fade and is completely safe for all aquarium occupants. The plants are also easy to wash.

  • Provides True to Natures Settings
  • Udulates with Currents Just Like Real Plants
  • Natural Looking Translucent Colors
  • Color Will Not Fade
  • Easy to Clean

INSTRUCTIONS: Plant singly or in groups for lush aquascaping. Press the base into the gravel and move back and forth until the base is firmly set in the gravel. Smaller plants are ideal for foreground highlights. If the plant becomes soiled, rinse it under warm tap water and wipe affected areas with your hands or a soft cloth.

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