Lees 4-Way Cone Worm Feeder

Size: Worm Feeder
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Lees 4 Way Cone Worm Feeder dispenses live or frozen worms or brine shrimp and reduces build-up on bottom of aquarium. The 4-Way Cone Worm Feeder is made up of three separate pieces: A floating ring, a cone worm feeder, and a suction cup. Packaging Bagged.

  • Made of a soft, flexible, break-resistant plastic.
  • Made up of three parts: Floating ring, cone worm feeder, and suction cup
  • Dispenses live or frozen worms and reduced build-up on aquarium bottom

The floating ring may be used to provide dry food while floating on the surface or, when used in conjunction with the suction cup, it may be attached to the side wall of the aquarium to restrict feeding to a certain area. In addition, when inserting the cone, it may be used as a free-floating or confined worm feeder.

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