Kaytee Run-About Ball - Moon Glow

Size: Large (7" Diameter)
Sale price$9.45


Kaytee Run-About Balls provide the perfect outlet for your under-sized pets over-sized energy. These durable exercise and play balls let small animals roam free without getting hurt or lost while creating interactive fun for pets and owners alike.

  • Great way for your small pet to exercise
  • Keeps pets safe when out of the cage
  • Ball glows in the dark
  • Mini Run-About Ball Dimensions: 5" Wide
  • Regular Run-About Ball Dimensions: 7" Wide

Kaytee Run-About Balls provide pets and pet owners with interactive fun during playtime. They also make a great temporary area to keep your little critter during cage cleanings. Run-About Balls are ideal for a variety of small pets, including dwarf hamsters, mice, hamsters, gerbils, and more. For added safety, use your Run-About Ball on Super Pets Hamtrac Raceway and provide your pet with a controlled exercise environment.

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