Kaytee Nature's Nest Bamboo Nest - Finch

Size: Regular - (3.75"L x 3.75"W x 4.5"H)
Sale price$3.94


The Kaytee Natures Nest Finch Bamboo Nest encourages courtship, breeding and nesting behaviors in finches. Made from real bamboo hand-woven around a sturdy wire frame, this natural, handmade nest provides a cozy home that matches the shape finches prefer. This enclosed nest has built-in hooks that allow it to attach easily inside any bird cage.

  • Ideal home for nesting birds
  • All natural handmade bamboo nest
  • Encourages courtship, breeding and nesting behavior

Helpful Tip: Different species of birds have individual nesting preferences. To ensure breeding success, it is recommended to offer more than one type of nest and place them in different locations of the cage or aviary.

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