JW Pet Cataction Catnip Mouse Cat Toy With Rope Tail

Size: 1 count
Sale price$3.38


The Cataction Catnip Mouse Cat Toy With Rope Tail is infused and filled with catnip, producing a strong aroma that drives cats crazy and provides hours of stimulating play. This toy is made from durable materials, features a curly tail that springs back to its original position as your cat bats and paws at it, and is perfectly sized for your cat to pick up and carry off to hide. As the catnip scent fades, soak the Mouse Cat Toy in catnip for a like-new toy. Ships in assorted colors of blue/brown and green/brown.

  • Great for solo play
  • Infused with made in the USA catnip
  • Made with different textured materials that cats love
  • Perfectly sized for your cat to pick up and bat around

Always supervise your pet during play.

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