Hydor Koralia Third Generation Circulation & Wave Pump

Size: 1350 GPH - (For 50-125 Fresh Gallons / 40-75 Marine Gallons)
Sale price$68.49


Hydor Koralia 3G Third Generation Circulation and Wave Pumps feature the very latest in innovation from the aquarium powerhead leaders. These high performance pumps create healthy water circulation and movement with minimal power use and easy maintenance.

  • Energy efficient universal circulation and wave pump
  • Designed especially for peak performance in reef aquariums
  • Anti-vibration, highly customizable design

Koralia 3G Third Generation Water Pumps may be used in all aquarium types (freshwater, marine and reef). Koralias patented Dual Magnetic Support System (DMSS) is a sphere-shaped connection which allows the powerhead to be directed freely. The energy efficient design is timer compatible and delivers more flow for less wattage. Includes a cable protector and three attachments to create unique wave patterns.

Note: Koralia pumps are specially designed for creating water movement in aquariums and tanks. This is not a filtration pump. Be sure to read all instructions and safety information for proper set-up.

1350 GPH: 5.5 Watt - 50-125 Freshwater Gallons / 40-75 Marine Gallons
1950 GPH: 6.3 Watt - 90-180 Freshwater Gallons / 55-110 Marine Gallons
2450 GPH: 8.5 Watt - 125-250 Freshwater Gallons / 75-150 Marine Gallons

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