Fritz Aquatics ACCR Ammonia Chlorine & Chloramine Remover Water Conditioner

Size: 16 oz
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Ammonia poisoning is the most common killer of aquarium fish. Dangerous ammonia levels often occur in new aquariums or in an established tank when adding new livestock, when a filter stops working due to power or mechanical failure, or if existing beneficial bacterial colonies are lost due to the use of medications or sudden change in water conditions. Fritz A.C.C.R. is a true complete water conditioner that not only neutralizes toxic ammonia but also the chlorine and chloramines found in tap water. Fritz A.C.C.R. is extremely safe even when overdosed.

  • Water Conditioner/Ammonia Remover
  • Instant Toxic Ammonia Removal
  • Removes Chlorine and Chloramine from Tap Water
  • Safe and Easy to Use
  • Will not alter pH or deplete oxygen levels

Use 1 cap (1 tsp/5 ml) per 10 U.S. gallons (38 L). Recommended for use with salicylate-based test kits. May interfere with Nessler or other reagent-based tests. Dosage can be safely increased or repeated up to 3x

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