Flukers Clamp Lamp with Switch

Size: 250 Watt (10" Diameter)
Sale price$20.99


Flukers Clamp Lamp is an ideal fixture for basking reptiles, with a ceramic socket thats rated for incandescent bulbs and ceramic heat emitters. The spring-loaded swivel head may be positioned to radiate in any direction, and the secure clamp instantly attaches to the rim of any terrarium.

  • Ceramic socket for incandescent bulbs and ceramic heat emitters
  • Attaches to the rim of any terrarium
  • Convenient on/off switch

This UL/CUL-approved lamp features a metal reflector for enhanced output, with a 6 foot power cord for your convenience.

Directions: Set lamp at one end of terrarium (lets pet retreat to cooler side if desired). Provide structure allowing pet to climb up toward lamp. DO NOT put food or water under lamp!


  • 120 Volt
  • 6' Power Cord

Important: Be sure to read all information regarding safe lamp placement and operation before use.

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