Exo-Terra Feeding Rock Reptile Cricket Feeder

Size: 1 Pack
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The Exo-Terra Feeding Rock is a convenient way to supply your reptiles with the live insects they crave. The rock design allows crickets to crawl out on their own, eliminating the hassle, mess, and wasted supplements associated with feeding dishes.

  • Stimulates natural feeding behavior in reptiles
  • Ideal solution for coating live insects with supplements
  • Reduces waste and mess from spilled powder
  • Easy to clean

In addition to catching all supplement powders for reuse, the Feeding Rock also prevents vitamin residue from getting in the substrate. This helps prevent possible growth of harmful bacteria, especially in humid terrariums.

Directions: Pour an ultra-fine powder supplement into the deeper part of the Feeding Rock. Add a maximum of 10-20 crickets (depending on size). Place the two pieces together and shake gently until all insects are 'coated'. Place the Feeding Rock in the terrarium. Remove the plug.

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