Boyd Enterprises Chemi Pure Elite Grande

Size: 46 oz - Treats 200 Gallons
Sale price$63.44


Boyd Chemi-Pure Elite features the same powerful filtration media as original Chemi-Pure, but with added ferric oxide to remove phosphates, silicates and red slime (cyano-bacteria) for cleaner, clearer water. It also supports aerobic bacteria growth and removes dissolved organics in all aquarium types.

  • Superior filter media in durable nylon bag
  • Now with ferric oxide to remove phosphates and silicates
  • For freshwater, marine and reef aquariums

Chemi-Pure Elites unique formulation enhances aquarium health and supports longer fish life. It helps eliminate foul odors, removes toxic elements such as copper and phenol, has a safe pH range, reduces water changes and causes no osmotic shock or ion antagonism. It increases appetites of all fish species with no acclimation time, supporting healthy metabolism.

Directions: Use 1 Full Unit for 40 gallons, 2 Full Units for 40-100 gallons and 1 extra Full Unit for every additional 25 gallons. Replace bags every 4-6 months for maximum effectiveness.

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