Boyd Enterprises Chemi Pure

Size: 10 oz (Treats 50 Gallons)
Sale price$11.52


Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure is an ionic media acts mechanically as well as chemically, absorbing all the various elements of decomposition. The resin produces negatively charged ions, while removing excess acids and ammonia.

  • Keeps pH at constant level
  • Chemical absorption filter
  • Aids in the natural balance of positive and negative charges

Chemi-Pure comes packed in pure polyester filter bags in sealed plastic bottles, called 1 unit, one of which is recommended for up to 40 gallons of water, and which is completely active for 4-6 months with no `regeneration` or cleaning required and is cheaper than carbon or pads. Use 1 unit up to 40 gallons, 2 units from 40 to 100 gallons, above 100 gallons add one unit for every 25 gals.

Please note: product is supposed to arrive moist. (As carbon draws moisture from the resin beads in this product, once they crack or dry, they are no longer active, so it must be shipped and used while moist).

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